Features of Mitsubishi Shindoh products

Mitsubishi Shindoh has a lineup of diverse alloys and processed products in addition to high-quality pure copper, and has faced all customer's challenges as the biggest company in the copper industry in order to propose optimum materials.

The biggest group in Japan

Mitsubishi Shindoh is a manufacturer for total rolled copper having three shapes of strip, plate, and bar.
We occupy high market share especially in the shapes of strip and plate, and achieve Japan's No. 1 in total production volume.


High quality

In addition to the world's highest quality pure copper of which Mitsubishi Materials Group is proud, we provide the products which are produced through technologies of melt casting, rolling, extruding, and processing that have been developed for long period of time, and have passed strict inspections under the thorough quality control to costumers.


Stable supply

Mitsubishi Materials Group, the parent company of Mitsubishi Shindoh has two smelters in the east and west of Japan, and we also have two plants in the east and west of Japan. Such a multi-site structure system enables stable supply to be realized, and it is possible to minimize the supply risk to customers, for example, even in case of a disaster.


Second processing

As a manufacturer for total rolled copper, we have the plants provided with deformation machining equipment and the largest plating equipment in Japan, and have plants for wire drawing, vapor deposition, welding, and flexible hose at subsidiaries, and thus we can provide materials, and propose the optimal shape of copper.



As a member of a manufacturer dealing with earth resources, Mitsubishi Shindoh has conducted the business with consideration for the environment. Even in the alloy development, we focused on an environmentally conscious alloy in consideration of recycling, and for example, MNEX series of ECO BRASS which are leadless and lead-free copper alloys and Rare-metal-free were manufactured based on such a consideration for the environment.


Technology development

Our company belonging to Mitsubishi Materials Group has promoted collaborative research with Mitsubishi Materials even in the technology development so as to achieve group synergy effects. We make every possible efforts to propose solutions for various problems the customers have, for example, a matter of research, design, analysis, etc. MNEX series are also manufactured based on the needs of the customers.