HRS35  (Heat Resistance Alloy)
  HRS35 is copper alloy that has excellent heat-resistance features which are attributable to small amount of additive contents such as Sn, Co, Zn, Ni, P (Cu is included more than 98.9 %)
  • Even at 800 degree brazing,HRS35 maintain a fine grain and high strength.
  • After high temperature(about 800oC) heating, fatigue characteristics of HRS35 is about 8 times greater than that of C1220.
  • HRS35 is excellent in press forming and brazing.
 Physical Properties

  HRS35 C1220
  Melting Point   Liquidus Temp. 1080oC 1083oC
  Solidus Temp. 1075oC 1083oC
  Density 8.94g / cm3 8.94g / cm3
  Heat Conductivity   before brazed 0.70cal/cm.S.oC 0.81cal/cm.S.oC
  after brazed 0.60cal/cm.S.oC 0.81cal/cm.S.oC
  Expansion Coefficient 18 x 10 -6 / oC
(25-300 oC)
18 x 10 -6 / oC
(25-300 oC)
  Electrical Conductivity   before brazed 75-65% IACS 85% IACS
  after brazed 61-55% IACS 85% IACS
  Modulus of Elasticity 1.2 x 105N/mm2 1.2 x 105N/mm2

 Micro structures of cross section

  HRS35 C1220
  Before heating HRS Before heating. C1220 Before heating.
  After heating 800oC HRS After heating 800 C. C1220 After heating 800 C.
  Even after at 800oC brazing, grain size of HRS35 doesn't increase as greatly as that of C1220.

 Grain size at various temperatures
Grain size at various temperatures.
Grain of C1220 start growing at 500oC, but HRS35 one doesn't start it up to 800oC.

 Strength at various temperatures
Strength at various temperatures.

 Strength at various temperatures
S-N Curves (Fatigue strength)
At bending stress 80N/mm2, longevity against fatigue of HRS35 is 8 times as high as that of C1220.