Corporate Philosophy

Based on Mitsubishi group's corporate philosophy of "Mitsubishi Sankoryo (three principles)" of "Cooperate Responsibility to Society", "Integrity and Fairness", and "Global Understanding Through Business" which are Mitsubishi group's spirit and values, and Mitsubishi Materials group's corporate philosophy of "For People, Society, and the Earth", and we hope to be Mitsubishi Shindoh group that is always trusted by stakeholders through various business activities.

The Three Corporate Principles

Corporate responsibility society (Shoki Hoko)

- Strive to enrich society, both materially and spiritually, while contributing towards the preservation of the global environment.

Integrity and Fairness (Shoji Komei)

- Maintain principles of transparency and openness, conducting business with integrity and fairness.

Global understanding through buisiness (Ritsugyo Boeki)

- Expand business, based on an all-encompassing global perspective.


We presented this philosophy to all of our employees of the Mitsubishi Shindoh Group as "our goal," and further we summarized the action guidelines we should observe daily as "Our Action Guidelines (10 chapters)". We firmly promise that all of our employees understand the contents of the Corporate Action Guidelines accurately, and sincerely practice the guidelines every day in order to make Mitsubishi Shindoh Group have a better future, and contribute to people, society, and the earth.

The Principles We Stand On - For People, Society and the Earth -

As a diversified materials company, Mitsubishi Materials has contributed to the creation of an affluent society through the supply of basic materials indispensable to the world.

Today, our activities cover a wide range, from the manufacture of resources and basic materials to fabricated products and new materials with high-performance features, as well as the provision of systems, engineering services and resource recycling.

To respond to the various needs of society, we are constantly tackling research and development on our unique technologies and products and endeavor to provide ever more superior products, systems and services to the world.

We will continue to address the requirements of the world in this new era, such as technical innovation, development of information technology, globalization and a heightened awareness of environmental protection through our fair business activities and to create new materials* on the Earth with an aspiration to contribute to the sustainable development of society.

At the same time, we will carefully and efficiently use natural resources and raw materials, which are gifts of the Earth, and will aim to be the leading corporate group that contributes to society based upon resource recycling.

It is thus our principles to serve people, society and the Earth through our varied business activities.

* Materials include all kinds of value that the Mitsubishi Materials Group is capable of offering, such as raw materials, products, services, solutions and human resources.


The 10 Articles of Our Code of Conduct

Article 1

We will seek to create a Mitsubishi Materials Group receptive to diverse personalities and value perceptions by encouraging each member of the Group to be fully motivated and committed to self-improvement.

Article 2

We will engage in efficient business management and pursue sustainable corporate development.

Article 3

We will respect the basic human rights of all people and create a spirited, safe and comfortable work environment.

Article 4

We will conduct fair and equitable business transactions by providing safe, high-quality products, systems and services at reasonable prices.

Article 5

We will endeavor to secure the understanding and trust of society, and to maintain a harmonious coexistence with society.

Article 6

We will comply with laws and regulations and conduct fair business activities with common sense.

Article 7

We will carry out our duties with integrity, in line with the rules and standards established by the Company.

Article 8

We will endeavor to protect the environment, and will apply every measure for effective uses and recycling of natural resources.

Article 9

We will carry out proactive corporate communications, and will respect the values and inherent rights of all people with regard to information.

Article 10

We, as members of the international community, will contribute to the development of each region where we maintain a presence.