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Leading company for terminal, connector and copper leadframe materials.
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The Metallized Products Division — pursuing developments at microlevel.

Mitsubishi Shindoh has sent out various copper alloy products, including sheet and plate, strip, and rod and bars. In recent years in particular, we have been providing high quality copper alloys "TAMAC Series" to leading edge IT fields as semiconductor leadframe materials, and this copper is highly relied upon as a key material in support of higher integration for semiconductor devices. In addition, since development is advancing of electronic components in the automotive industry for improved safety, operations and environmental impact, we have developed high quality copper alloys "MSP1 and MAX251" as terminal connector materials that can manifest advanced properties even in severe use environments of high temperature and high humidity, and are a leading manufacturer.

Additionally, in the past, brass alloy with 2 to 6% lead inclusion had been used for water faucets or piping equipment, etc., however, subject to the "Recommendation for Large-scale Reduction of Lead Density included in Drinking Water" by the WHO, we have developed EcoBrass, a lead-free and free-cutting brass alloy ahead of other companies and are manufacturing and selling it. Moreover, "WNS7," a high-strength white copper alloy developed as a material for automotive and household-use keys has been adopted in all car models of domestic major automobile manufacturers, taking an 80% domestic share, and is widely used in Japan and overseas as well, with 50 million units of keys per year.

Meanwhile, we have prepared a system for handling the various customer product formats, with a wide rolling mill to produce large copper alloy sheets and plates.

As explained, Mitsubishi Shindoh is delivering a variety of products to customers worldwide as a leading manufacturer in the copper alloy products industry with excellent development capabilities and manufacturing technologies for copper alloy.


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